Consider a Zero-Turn Mower for Large Yards and Yards with Obstacles

Mowing the lawn always seems like a huge chore, especially when you have a large lawn to mow, or if there are many obstacles in the way, such as trees and flowers. If your lawn is a large one, or if there are obstacles that make mowing difficult, you may want to consider getting a zero-turn mower. While it may cost a bit more than a regular mower, it is definitely worth it if you want to be able to get the job done quickly. One of the biggest benefits to having a zero-turn mower is the fact that they are great time-savers, and you can mow your lawn in half the time it would take when using a different type of mower, which will leave you more time to just enjoy your yard. Read on to learn more about zero-turn mowers.

What is a Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

A zero-turn mower is constructed differently from a traditional lawn mower. Instead of the mowing deck being located at the bottom, it is located at the front of the mower. The reason "zero-turn" is used in the name is because there is a zero-inch turning radius. These mowers are easy to maneuver, and are known for being fast. To steer the mower, simply use one of the handles, each of which controls a different drive wheel, making turning fast and easy by reducing the drive speed on that side, so the other side is working harder and making the machine turn.

For an extremely large lawn that typically takes hours to mow, your best option is likely a zero-turn mower. This is because they are fast, and whether you are using a ride-on mower or one that you push, you are going to be able to get the work done in much less time than with a traditional lawn mower.

Why Get a Zero-Turn Mower?

Many larger lawn mowers can be difficult to handle, and very heavy. A zero-turn mower is lighter, and it is much easier to handle. Because they maneuver so well, it is easy to get into tight areas, so you don't have to turn around and cut weeds that are close to flowers or trees later on because the mower takes care of it. This means that you don't have to bother using a weed whacker, which can be a sweaty job. If you have flower beds, trees, lawn furniture, or other obstacles, you will have a much easier time mowing around them with a zero-turn mower than with a traditional mower. 

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